Essay on My First Semester At Uw River Falls

Essay on My First Semester At Uw River Falls

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In the Fall of 2013 I decided not to return to college.  I started college in the Fall of 2008 after high school graduation.  Many things made my college career difficult, but I had always found a way to make things work.  Until I decided I needed a year off to get things done in my life.  Many factors played into my decision to take a year off of school; class schedule options, getting married, and my business, were the three major reasons that pushed me to take a year off.  I started my college career at UW-River Falls. 
My first semester at UW-River Falls, I was an animal science major with emphases on equine training and care.  I started my double major my second semester at UWRF; animal science and Health and Human performance, which would allow me to become a physical education teacher.  14 days before second semester ended, I was forced to medically withdraw from school due to having seizures as a result of having complications after getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I returned to school the following fall.  Due to the fact that River Falls is over a five hour drive from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where I lived with my parents; I lived in the dorms during the school year.  Unfortunately, UW-River Falls has a small program that constantly cuts classes due to the lack of enrollment in them, because of this I was unable to maintain a full time student status.  The lack of classes offered I needed to earn my degree, made me second guess my choice of schools.  I loved the small class sizes, but so many of the classes were not being offered on a regular base.  The academic advisors told me to take unnecessary classes to fill my schedule so I could be considered a full time student.  This is not something I was interested in after I h...

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...lan, incase I ever needed it.  My husband pushed me to return for two reasons, he said; there is no feeling like walking across the stage at your college graduation; he wanted me to finish my college journey so I could feel that feeling.  The other reason he gave me was why I really returned to school.  He said, he could see how much I love teaching my horseback riding students, and said it would be a waste if I only was able to teach those kids who came to me for riding lessons.  I am very happy I came back to school, most days.  I look forward to student teaching in the fall of 2016, and graduating in January of 2017.  It has taken me years to get through college longer than the average person, but I will graduate in a few months, and I can not wait.  Overcoming the challenges and setbacks I have had in my college career, I think has only made me a stronger person. 

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