My First Semester As A College Student Essay

My First Semester As A College Student Essay

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This semester was my first semester as a college student. Taking your college Writing 1 course to start off my education at Kent State allowed me to gain a basis for the next four years of my college career. Throughout high school I did not enjoy writing  and to be honest I still do not take delight in writing, but your style of teaching has allowed me to see writing in a new perspective. I am relieved to have started my first English class with an instructor who shares their patience and extensive knowledge in a constructive environment.
I knew from the beginning that writing was one of my major weaknesses. With each paper or revision my ability to express my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge into words has grown tremendously. One of my biggest struggles is being able to conform my paper into a coherent spiel of words without straying from my main ideas. By revising my essays over time I have been able to organize my thoughts and add in supportive ideas.
At the start of the semester my first essay was very stiff and had major flaws. It was easy to write because all I had to do was relay a personal story of my childhood. There was no depth or development throughout. Having a workshop group helped to analyze the flaws and improvements that may not have observed by the writer. I took your feedback along with my workshops groups input and expanded my writing. Slowly but surely I gained knowledge and habits that assisted in developing my final essays.
From the first few day in this course I knew it was not like any normal writing class. I was caught off guard when we were assigned to draw our face and Einstein 's face upside down. These unconventional assignments supported by our book Habits of the Creative Mind. Allowed for ex...

... middle of paper ...

...mplicated and overthought. I have the ability to open up my mind and let my thoughts flow onto the paper. This has allowed me to be imaginative in my writing style, which I hope to continue in the rest of my college journey.

This is my favorite essay, because it required me to step outside my comfort zone and present in front of the class. I stress over the simple things, like getting in front of twenty of my classmates and talking about something I am passsoinite about. I made a presentation on Prezi about my journey to Romania, which I have ample amounts of infomration to share. Once it was over I was relived with the short presentation I gave. I learned that you have to do what it takes to get the job done wether its repeatedly progressing your ideas or something simple like stepping out of you comort for a presnetation.


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