My First Real Dentist Visit Essay

My First Real Dentist Visit Essay

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All my life I was asked the question, have I ever had braces before? I never really exactly saw what others seen in my teeth, until one day when I had my first real dentist visit. The dentist office was very interesting, from the way it looked to the way they operated (I always thought the dentist did the same as a doctor). As I went in for my cleaning the dentist saw that I had a couple cavities, I was trying to figure out what was a cavity. How is this affecting my nice teeth? Am I going to lose the tooth? All these things ran through my mind as I heard the news. The dentist came in and explain everything to me and my mom, gave us the option for fixing this problem. From that day forward I had a billion and one question about how the teeth were form, how they work with our body, how did they affect our overall health.

However, my love for science grew as I exceeded on every science test I ever took, every science lab, and every science report. I wonder what was it about science that I loved so much. Why this particular subject came so easy for me? As I went through all the science classes throughout my years in school, I wonder which science was the right science for me. I discovered Biology was my greatest strength, from the human brain down to the human DNA. My 12th grade year of school, I had to really think about what was going to be my major. I could never find anything that really fit who I am. Until finally, I researched “is there a such thing as a biology major?” The result was overwhelming there were all these different types of jobs I could choose from. What was right for me? Then I thought about what I really enjoyed growing up, what was something that always interested me.
Did you know that becoming a dentist, no ...

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...e great and get to help bring the smallest thing to someone’s life. Something simple as a smile for confidence or help solving a cold case to bring joy into a person’s life. Those things are the most priceless things life can give you. Although, I may not work inside a lab with amazing people, I know somewhere out there there’s extraordinary people working day in and day out to give the laboratory the best they have. However, working toward becoming a dentist is something I’m planning on doing. Taking on the dentistry world will be something I would enjoy doing, not because of the pay, not because of the job, but because that’s something I consider an actually passion. From meeting new people to making people build back a self-esteem will be something that I take pride in helping with. Every tooth in a man 's head is more valuable than a diamond. ~Miguel de Cervantes

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