My First Pregnancy Was Not A Planned Pregnancy Essay

My First Pregnancy Was Not A Planned Pregnancy Essay

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1. Why did you decide to have children? My first pregnancy was not a planned pregnancy but I do not regret having my son, my second pregnancy was planned I wanted a daughter to go along with my son and my third was a surprise.
2. What was pregnancy like? All of my pregnancies were different from the first one to the third one. My first pregnancy I was always tired, I experienced morning sickness all the way up to my 6th month, my second pregnancy I didn’t experience much morning sickness, but I always became nauseated by the smell of a cigarette, and my third pregnancy went by like a breeze I was not sick the whole pregnancy.
3. Tell me about birth. All three of my children were birthed through c- section. For the birth of my first son I thought I would have a natural but I only dilated 6 centimeters so I ended up having an emergency c- section.
4. Who cared for the infant? (What were the parents ' work arrangements?) since I was very young when I had my children, I dropped out of school so that I could take care of them full time myself. I did have help from my Mother and their Father. I was the primary care giver. (stay at home Mom.)
5. How did the infants ' presence affect family behavior patterns or relationships? Since I was very young when I had my first child, his birth actually brought the family closer together. The reason I say this is because before I became pregnant with my son, I ran away because of differences that I was having with my family, but once they found out that I was pregnant, I moved back home and we worked out our differences. It brought us closer as a family.
6. Were there problems concerning division of labor? If yes, what? If no, why? I don’t feel as if there were any problems concerning ...

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...heir birth Father. The reason I say this is because I have tried everything in my power to allow him, the birth Father to play a role in my children’s lives, but he feels that the only way that he should be a part of their lives is to be in my life. I applaud my partner for stepping up and playing an active role in my children’s lives even when this is something that he didn’t have to do.
20. is it important to you to have a two parent home with or without the birth father? yes, it is important to me to have a two parent household, because both the parents and the children. The reason I say this is because it makes things a lot easier to have a mother and a father figure for children to be able to come to when they have a problem, I also feel that it makes life easier to know that you have someone to co- parent with instead of having to carry the load on your own.

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