My First Option For A Career Essay

My First Option For A Career Essay

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When I was a little girl my dream career was to be a vet or to go out to places where people didn’t have nothing to eat and help them with whatever I could. Now that I am older I realized that life is not easy as I thought it was when I was a little girl. For example that I could go and help people that didn’t have anything to help them survive. In order for me to help people that have nothing I have to get money to be able to help them with things I can actually afford. Now that I am older want to have a career that I will be happy to go to work and not see it as another day.
My first option for a career was to be a Nursing Assistant, but I noticed that wasn’t my strongest passion. So I decided to go to Early Childhood Education since ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed taking care of my niece’s. My main focus as a career is to become a daycare teacher so far I got my 12 hour certificate for Children Aid. Right now I am taking classes to get my 18 hour certificate to be a daycare assistant. My Spring semester of 2015 I went to an elementary school for a junior achievement program that they offered for us to go for a whole day and be the teacher of any grade level from kindergarten to second grade. I choose kindergarten since I am mostly focusing on early childhood. I had to teach two classes in the same room, but with different children. If I was doubting if that was what I really wanted to do after that day I decided that, that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My second option is still to be a Nursing Assistant I don’t want to go for the Doctor Field because I feel that they don’t have time for themselves because they get called in when they need help in the hospital. A nurse finishes their working hours an...

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... All universities make the student sign up for their financial aid they offer. The higher your GPA is students get more money than the ones that don’t have a really good GPA. Students have to keep in mind that not everyone gets accepted to get the school financial aid program. Students can either get financial aid help or they have to pay out of pocket. Students that pay out of pocket are the ones that take longer to finish their career because they don’t have a lot of money to pay the tuition 's the college makes us pay. They have to work in order for them to get the money they need to pay their college or university tuition, books, and classes.
The college life is not as easy as we thought it would be when we were little once we are in we cannot look back. We can’t look back because starting college or university means we have more responsibilities to take care of

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