Essay on My First Memory Of Childhood

Essay on My First Memory Of Childhood

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Everything seemed to happen so fast. Growing up, some may say they are thankful that their childhood is over. Some may be clutching onto everything they can to keep their childhood going. Not me. I am like a ball mid-throw, neither here nor there. Floating. Living everyday as it comes. The younger me would have done anything to be older, to feel a sense of freedom. It doesn’t feel like freedom, it’s scary, not knowing what to do. Childhood was great, laughing at the most stupid things, ”getting away with murder” I see adulthood being just as fun but, being a teenager is hard. It’s that part in life, like that ball mid-throw. Not sure if you have thrown hard enough to get to where you need to be.
My earliest memory of childhood would be the years I spent at home with my mum, before I started school. My grandma on my mum’s side had died before I was born so my granddad would visit often and every memory I have of him looking back is filled with fun. I was 6 years old when he died and still we think of him all the time. He always made us laugh and danced with us, which is amazing as he was in his 70’s. He helped us in any way, fixing toys and things around the house for us, cooking with us, helping with homework and never being angry or tired, my mum says I take after him a lot!
My second earliest memory from childhood would be my first day at school. I remember being so excited to be just like my sister, being grown up, in school with my perfect uniform. Well that was until I got to school and realised my mum couldn’t come with me. I was like a fountain. Tears, I was scared. I didn’t want her to leave. My uniform was no longer perfect. My cheeks were stained from the tears. My sleeves were drenched from the salty water that came fro...

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...on. Everyone has to grow up. You may not want to but you have to. It may have gone fast, but there are so many memories I can never forget. There will always be something that reminds me of my past, present and probably future. Looking back I realise life is what you make of it, so you need to make the most of it. Childhood is that section of your life that makes you who you are, it forms you into the person you are going to be. Sure, people will complain about things that have happened to them growing up, but, if they didn’t happen they would very different. That’s why I am thankful for all the happy, sad, fun, hard and confusing things that have happened to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be me. So I’m nearing the ball being past mid-throw and more towards it landing but the question is, where will it land? What direction is it going in and who is going to throw it next?

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