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My First 4 Mat For Landis Essay examples

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Design Your Process
Throughout all of these papers and 4-Mats I have set plenty of goals, many of which I achieved and others that I did not. In the First 4-Mat that we wrote on “Do Hard Things” I set out to try to gain more friends through being more open and warm. I accomplished my goal of talking to people before class started and I ended up meeting one of my closest friends that I have here at CBU. I consider my goal of being friendly a long term goal because I will have new classes each semester and new friends to meet in each class. Achieving this goal is will help my academic success by providing me with a network of people to bounce ideas off and study with.
In my 4-Mat for Landis Chapter 1 I set a goal of mapping out my homework schedule, getting a 4.0 on a paper, getting a 3.5 grade point average for the semester, and graduating with a bachelor’s of science in some type of engineering. Knowing what time I was to do my homework helped my exponentially. I immediately felt more in control of my time and I was less stressed. This also lead to me get a 4.0 on one of my 4-Mats for Dr. Clark’s class. In my next 4-Mat on Charles H. Kraft’s book, Christianity with Power, I set a goal of being more open minded when listening to alternate opinions. This helped me understand that how I see the world is not how God see’s the world (little r versus big R). I applied this when partaking in a research essay and I ended up changing my mind on whether or not I will spank my children. The next paper about Landis Chapter 3 set goals to regulate my sleep and try alternative learning styles. I started getting more sleep to be more attentive during class and the alternative learning styles were naturally applied through Project #2 and lecture...

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... solver.
Accountability groups and teams projects aren’t all about me. I can help others achieve their academic goals by helping them study for topics that I’m already proficient at. I can also give an outside opinion on projects that they are working on. Sometimes an outside eye can be what I need when I’m stuck and can’t find a way to continue. Helping others relates to the biblical principle of giving and treatment of others. If I expect to get help from others I should just as well expect to give help to others. Helping others is just as important to others success as it is to mine.
If I stick to my goals and keep improving myself and the people around me I will be able to graduate with a bachelor’s of science in engineering. As long as I let God guide me on his chosen path for me and always look to him for guidance, I’ll be able to accomplish amazing things.

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