My First Major Test Of Post Secondary Education Essay

My First Major Test Of Post Secondary Education Essay

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My stomach turns as my name echoes through the air. It was time for my turn. At this moment, I felt unprepared. Regret rushed through me. I should have read through this essay again, or stayed up longer the night before. Was there a way around this? Sweat fell from my face. Suddenly, I’m reminded of a nightmare I had as a child. I had been screaming in the middle of the street, though no sound came out. My old fear of public speaking has returned. I felt years’ worth of special education classes, and speech classes were for nothing. This workshop was my first major test of post-secondary education. I could not fail. Taking a deep breath, I stood up and read my essay. Thinking back, I remembered how I dealt with my past academic struggles. It was a long road. In the end, it gave me the confidence to attend university.
My educational journey not only affected myself but as well my family. Around the time I started elementary school, and my education stalled, my teacher suggested intervention. Worried about my continuing regression in classes, my mother went to the Head of the Education department of my tribe, Lac View Desert, and they came up with the best way to assist a struggling student. My parents spent a lot of time, trying to figure out the best plan for my education. After weeks of being evaluated by multiple professionals, I got my diagnosis. Factors like vision and slight hearing loss, which contribute to my learning difficulties, were addressed. My mother met with my teacher and eventually it was decided that additional intervention was needed. I received special education classes for the subjects that proved the most problematic. Besides these classes, I attended therapy to address my speech impairments.
Since four ye...

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...s I put the paper down, I look at my classmates. Not speaking, they begin to discuss my essay. This was the part I’d been dreading. My writing was deeply personal to me. It made me feel vulnerable having my peers reading it. Workshops are important for this course and are going to be a part of my chosen major. They gave me suggestions on what to fix and commented on what they liked. I wrote down notes, asked questions, and thanked them for their help. The class continued on with the writing workshop. Immediately, I felt a sense of relief. My turn in the hot seat wasn’t as bad, as I’d imagined it would be. In that moment, I felt like my struggles lead to a huge victory. Not only was I independent with my education, but I felt confident in my own abilities. A combination of parental involvement, professional intervention, and strong work ethic was finally paying off.

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