My First Love Of Organic Coffee Essay

My First Love Of Organic Coffee Essay

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As a native Portlander (that 's Oregon, for those of you who are thinking further north and east), I 've been blessed with a taste for coffee. With a different coffee shop on every corner of the Rose City, I 've tasted it all. I 've even done my obligatory time as a barista at a shop that served only organic coffee-one of many such shops in the small town where I attended college. So it was a bit of a surprise when I moved to northern Maryland and had to drive twelve miles to the nearest coffee shop. Not surprisingly, said shop was a Starbucks, and though it didn 't even have a drive-through, it did feature organic coffee. It was after making a few of these time-consuming coffee runs that I realized I 'd have to start buying beans and brewing them myself. That 's when my quest for great-tasting, organic coffee began. My first love in organic beans stems from my barista days, when I drank nothing but Pacifica roasts. Pacifica is a company located in the above-mentioned college town of Corvallis, Oregon, and it still tops on my list of organic coffee roasters. It offers a wide variety of organic coffees, ranging from dark and smoky Ethiopia to a light but substantial Columbia, perfect for every morning drinking. And because Pacifica has stayed relatively small and local since its inception in 1991, it 's possible to actually get in touch with the founder and, after a brief conversation over a steamy cup of Organic Fair Trade Peru, walk away knowing his products are genuine as well as high-quality. Of course, the flipside to this quaint charm is that it 's extremely difficult to get Pacifica coffee outside of Oregon. So I began looking onto other organic options that I could easily order online. This option, of course, terrified me...

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...ches. Best Coffee Shops in Chicago #3: Star Lounge Coffee Bar 2521 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 384-7827 The Star Lounge Cafe is located in Chicago 's Humboldt Park neighborhood. This independent coffee shop offers a homey, comfortable atmosphere that is perfect to relax in. Free WiFi is offered throughout the shop. The coffee at the Star Lounge is brewed locally on site. The menu frequently changes by season (sometimes by week). Jesse Diaz, owner of Star Lounge, says, "Coffee 's too complex of a substance to make concrete rules." As such, he takes free reign with the menu, offering excellent choices for coffee lovers. Additionally, the Star Lounge sells pastries of all types, and is open to 9pm daily. Sources: The Coffee Studio - Chicago Noble Tree Coffee & Tea - Chicago Star Lounge Coffee Bar - Chicago

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