My First Job As A Nurse Essay

My First Job As A Nurse Essay

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This Quarter has been a very interesting one. At the beginning of the quarter I was a recently graduated nurse who had just passed the NCLEX and began my first job as a nurse at a hospital who hadn’t thought too deeply about what I would be doing beyond that. Today I am a much better nurse able to perform my job better, not just from job experience, but from what I am learning in this class as well. I have learned a great deal from this course I still have more to learn from it. I still strive to learn how to be more professional and be able to have a greater impact on my patients having a positive outcome. I feel like I can achieve this by reading, assignments, and collaborating with my classmates taking lessons from their views and experience.
Where were you when you began? Plan for the future
When I enrolled in this class I wasn’t thinking about my future, I was thinking about all the jobs I couldn’t get as an associate degree nurse, I had a long term goal but was focused on the immediate issues I was having. As this class was beginning I had just accepted a job at a hospital, which albeit a long commute for me was more appealing to me then the closer alternatives. I started the job as a green nurse, and although I had previous experience in the medical field and had experience from time in the hospital while I for classes, I was ill prepared for what awaited me.
As I began my new job I had experience doing a great number of things in regards to hands on patient care I was lacking in things such as teaching, admissions, and taking orders from physicians, and physician assistants. This course seemed to help me improve myself in the areas I was lacking.
Although I was more concerned with the present I still had aspirations to...

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...tempt to find people most knowledgeable with what I need help with regardless of their title.
When this course ends I want to be exactly where I am right now, learning. I have learned a gigantic amount of information that will help me in me. This information includes reflecting and assessing what my plan is and how to continue improving. I have also learned that communication is one of the fundamentals of nursing. It also encompasses talking with your patient and health care providers, building a report, and being able to teach them effectively. Planning is also one of the most important aspects of being a nurse. I am learning a tremendous amount of material that isn’t only helping me professionally and academically, but it is also helping the people that I take care of. I will do this by continuing down the path that I am on now, trying to be the best that I can.

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