Essay about My First Grade Clinical Placement

Essay about My First Grade Clinical Placement

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During my time in my second grade clinical placement I was showed the reality of teaching. I observed reading time and ELA during the hours I was there. I was able to “book shop” with my students and help them choose level appropriate texts to take home or read in class. That was my chance to really connect with each student and help him or her become excited about reading. If I said that I loved that book or think they would enjoy it their faces lit up. Knowing that I made an impact in their reading experience really made me feel like I will be a good teacher in the future. Many of my students come from homes where their parents may not always be able to read with them or too them. They wanted to read to me and show me their skills. I was so excited to hear the students excel in their levels and help them when needed. I would always ask comprehension questions because that is what a lot of students struggles with.
One challenge I faced was trying to help the students effectively and support them to think about the questions instead of answering right away, which it seeme...

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