Essay about My First Grade Classroom At Shannock Valley Elementary School

Essay about My First Grade Classroom At Shannock Valley Elementary School

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During my fall semester, here at IUP, I had the opportunity to be placed in a first-grade classroom at Shannock Valley Elementary School. This school is located in the Armstrong County School District in a rural area, called Rural Valley. Shannock Valley Elementary School is also a Title I school for reading. The classroom I observed in had twenty students, which were all Caucasian. This elementary school was not diverse by any means, it was 99% Caucasian. The classroom had a positive environment and was welcoming of all learners. Through taking ECED 351 this semester and having my first pre-student teaching placement, I have been able to connect a lot of things that we have learned in class to what I have seen first-hand in my placement.
Every Wednesday morning at Shannock Valley Elementary School, reading and language arts was always taught. In class, we learned that vocabulary plays a large role in a children’s comprehension. In the classroom that I observed, my teacher placed a large emphasis on vocabulary and teaching word-learning strategies, so tha...

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