Essay on My First Goal Of Starting Assignments

Essay on My First Goal Of Starting Assignments

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After the orientation last fall, I used the goal setting sheet to set only one goal. The goal I set was to manage my time in such as way as to not be completing assignments at the last minute. This first year was bumpy as we ran into various problems related to the move and childcare ,although I started out strong, I slipped back into my habit of focusing only what was due the next class period and catching up on the weekend. My goals this year will include the previous goal of starting assignments early so I am not completing them quickly before it is due, as well as utilizing the Professor 's office hours and participating more in class discussions; a major difference being I will have a clear plan to reach these goals going in.

My first goal for the upcoming year, is to utilize office hours and getting to know my professors. It is important that I meet and cultivate relationships with my professors so that I will be able to receive the letters of recommendations I need to be accepted in Law School. Although I am closer to age to a few professors, and older than some of the PhD Candidate instructors, it is still hard for me to talk with professors and meet during office hours. Prior to transferring the classes were smaller and I was fortunate enough to have always had my questions answered before class was over. Now the material is more concentrated, classes are larger and we typically are either cutting it close or running a little over, which frequently leaves me with questions. In the beginning, I really didn’t understand how the office hours worked. Do I need an appointment or do I just show up? I met with a couple of professors during their office hours over the past two semesters during which I learned a few things suc...

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...t only help with being more assertive to join the conversation but I will also be able to flow in any direction it goes.

These goals will not only help the value of my overall education, but each one will help the other, in turn further promoting each goal. Not being nervous about taking advantage of office hours, will help with my class work, discussion participation and becoming familiar with my Professor. Better planning and working on my class work before it is due, will not only help my grades, but will add to my confidence to join in class discussions and lead to better office hours visits. The improved discussions and office hours visits will help keep me on top of my assignments with any lingering questions being answered, as well as helping with getting to know my professors helping with earning the letters of recommendation I need to continue my education.

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