Essay on My First Full Time Job Out Of High School

Essay on My First Full Time Job Out Of High School

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I arrive home from a long day of work in the normal fashion; dirty, tired, and hungry. I worked at a lead products and chemicals plant which was my first full-time job out of high school. In a typical week I would work anywhere from 60 to 80 hours, which for a 18 year-old right out of high school can be somewhat tiresome. I became independent and self-reliant at a very young age and even though I was making more money than my 18-year-old self knew what to do with, I still lived at home with my parents because I had such a wonderful relationship with both of them. Every Sunday morning mom, dad and I would all go to church as a family; that is, after dad and I waited for what seemed to be hours for mom to finally get out of the bathroom. Mom always took pride in her hair. To her it was like a hobby; wake up every morning and sing a song as she proceeds to take her routine 25-minute shower. Then she would mosey over to the bathroom counter where she would spend the next 45 minutes making her hair look perfect. Like a 12 year old girl who innocently delights in herself while looking at her reflection in the mirror, my mom would make the final adjustments to her hairdo. This routine seemed to take even longer every Sunday morning before church.
At home I tended to my own business; I did all of my own dirty, foul-smelling laundry from work and packed my own not-so-extravagant peanut butter and jelly lunches, but sometimes mom loved to surprise me. Often I would open our fridge to find a lunch bag with my name on it filled with a fuji apple, small bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, and a ham and cheese sandwich topped with my favorite dijon mustard. Mom knew the key to my heart. Other days I would stumble in the back door, tired from a long ...

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...remission now, with appointments every six months to monitor her progress. There is so much from the day January 14th, 2011 that I chose to forget. However, there is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. During mom’s stay in the hospital she kept a little sign on the corner of her bedside window that read “If I am not happy at this time and at this place, I am not paying attention.” those words haunted me. How could a woman who was going through the most traumatic moment of her life possibly find happiness? That was the question that I asked myself over and over until it finally clicked; don’t let the powerless, uncontrollable circumstances steel your joy. Wake up every morning with a song in your heart, and if you think that you have lost everything to be thankful for, be thankful because you are blessed with the gift of seeing another sunrise.

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My First Full Time Job Out Of High School Essay

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