My First Field Experience : The Cognitive Approach Essay

My First Field Experience : The Cognitive Approach Essay

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It talks about on page 282 that instead of being passively influenced by environmental events, people choose, practice, pay attention, ignore, reflect, and make many other decisions as they pursue goals. This made me think of the question if kids choose to not pay attention and ignore the things they are supposed to be learning how do we motivate the student to want to learn and pay attention? The cognitive approach suggests that one of the most important elements in the learning process is what the individual brings to new learning situations. I’m in my first field experience this semester and after reading this it made me think of a little boy in my class. His parents does everything for him at home and when he is at school he is not open to new things and doesn’t want to participate in the learning activities. Short term memory holds information very briefly. When combining the short term memory with long term memory some information gets moved into the long term memory. The sensory memory turns the stimuli into information so we can understand them. Perception is recognizing the stimulus and giving it a meaning. What we pay attention to is guided to a certain extent by what we already know and what we need to know. Attention is also affected by what else is happening at the time. I’m the type of student that has to read and study in silence. If there is other things going on I can’t focus on what I’m doing I just focus on what is going on next to me. I’m an early childhood major and I think it is import for it to be quit when students have reading time on their own. When learning how to read it is important to be focused. Multitasking is when you switch back and forth from one task to another. I think multitasking can be benef...

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...tory knowledge is knowing how to manage your learning. Semantic memory is important is schools, is memory for meaning, including words, facts, theories and concepts. Schemas are abstract knowledge structure that organize a lot of information. Story grammar is a way students understand and remember stories. Episodic memory is information tied to your own events. Flashbulb memories are for dramatic and emotional events. If cognitive load is too high it can inhibit one’s ability to complete a task. This made me think of my math class I took this summer. She gave us a ridiculous amount of homework. I sat at my computer one day and did ten hours of math homework. I was so annoyed and frustrated it made me want to quit math. Homework is important, but when a student gets too much homework its overwhelming. Memory is an important part in learning and teaching.

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