My First Eye Opening Experience Essays

My First Eye Opening Experience Essays

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Growing up I lived a luxurious life; I lived in a lake house, my mom stayed at home to
take care of us, we went on family vacations across the world yearly and I didn’t understand the
culturally diverse world which we live in. As I got older and began to take notice of the different
diversities and lifestyles throughout the world I began to see the great divide between my life
and many others. My first eye opening experience was in grade 10 when I partook on my first
mission trip to Jamaica. I had been to Jamaica before, however the last time I was there I was at
an all-inclusive resort not paying attention to the culture of the country, this time it was
different, I was submerged in to the authentic culture of Saint Lucia. Each day we would hop on
a bus and travel down to our work site where we were building two homes for families in need.
The houses we built were composed of one room approximately 500 square feet and they were
to home four people each. The families accepting these homes were merely skin and bones as
they couldn’t afford an abundance of groceries, however they were some of the kindest and
most grateful people I have ever met. Watching men stand on the side of the road each
morning hoping to be picked up by a “work bus” devastated me as these families don’t have
confirmed work or income. I cannot imagine a life where I have to beg for food, work, or
shelter, yet for so many this is the case and nothing is being done about it. As I continue to
explore and experience the world around me I am influenced by each person I meet, as each
person has a different story that varies in perspectives of my own shaping and balancing my
understanding of the world around me.
On the mission trip mentioned above, I also had the oppo...

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...ill have a
deeper and more defined understanding of the language.
Through creating a classroom that is culturally diverse and accepting, students will begin
to understand what multiculturalism truly is, learning from their peers and the world that
surrounds them. These learning can introduce students to a broad worldview, and can also
welcome and comfort the many cultures within the classroom. Through applying teaching
methods read about and taught throughout this course I feel I can make teaching ELLs in a
mainstream classroom a learning experience for the class as a whole. Guided by the ESL
benchmarks I can assess my ELLs growth, always adding to their resource bank and developing
their language skills. As a teacher I will learn more about the multicultural society we live in
through my students broadening my own understandings of the many cultures within the

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