Essay on My First Experience With Facebook

Essay on My First Experience With Facebook

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My first experience with Facebook was back in high school. I associated it with regular mobile phone chatting applications. Most of my real life friends were members of Facebook, and they encouraged me to join the social website and make a “friend request” so that we could get connected. It was an intriguing experience because I had just heard rumors that it was an awesome chatting platform. The article by Ian Daly “Virtual Popularity Isn 't Cool—It 's Pathetic” (Daly) presents arguments and situations that have been closely connected to my experience with social media over the past several years that I have been an active member of several social media sites. This personal essay will show the link between the arguments from the article and my experience as a user of social media. In my opinion, these experiences likely relate to those of many other social media users.
Just like many of the active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace users, joining a social media site likely occurs as a result of a referral from friends or the hype that everyone is using it and so I should try it. Daly (Daly) wrote, “Sure, it 's difficult to resist the allure of a site that everyone with Internet access seems to have embraced with open arms.” It is human nature that we tend to do what others are doing and most likely if we do something ling enough, it becomes part of our existence. Several years ago before joining any social media, I was amazed by how I could find people glued to their mobile phones at almost all times while they chat and tweet about their daily experiences. At some point, I thought to myself, "they must be enjoying their experience.” So, before I could even know much about social media, the “society” had already create...

... middle of paper ... the nasty breakup with my lover was made a public affair among my social media friends and real world friends. It is peculiar that many adults above 25 years form the major population of users of social media. This is a huge shock because, people above the age of 25 are expected to be more in touch with reality but have been lost in the virtual world of social media.
In conclusion, this paper expresses how I joined social media, got addicted, gained a false fame and crushed a relationship. Virtual celebrity status is not real fame, and people should seek fame in the real world. The pressure to join social media is everywhere and those who join soon become over involved and forget things that matter. Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have the potential to create a disaster from very trivial things that should have been kept private but were easily posted online.

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