My First Experience With A Disability Essay

My First Experience With A Disability Essay

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My first experience with a person with a disability was my nephew, Ethan. He has Autism and was diagnosed around the age of two. When I think back to what I first noticed about him was that he never spoke and he never wanted to make eye contact with you. My mom and sister were the ones who mentioned to my brother and his wife that something seemed off about their son. Of course, my brother was in denial saying he was just taking longer to develop but my mom was persistent and made him get Ethan tested.
She was a nurse and had four kids of her own. She knew based on her profession that he wasn’t behaving like a normal two year old. I wasn’t in teaching at the time so I had no idea about the variety of disabilities that were out there. I didn’t’ even know what the word Autism meant. Like my brother, I thought he was just taking longer to develop. I am ashamed to say that I cried when he was diagnosed. I perceived him as mentally handicapped. I felt so bad for my brother and his wife because I knew life wasn’t going to be easy for them or their son.
As Ethan got older hi...

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