My First Ever Interview : A Interview Essay

My First Ever Interview : A Interview Essay

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I sent the text message, “Are you ready to do this interview?” I received a quick reply “Come to my room.” And there I was, on my way to her room to conduct my first ever interview. I hadn’t visited her room in a while; I used to spend all my free time in there. I hoped that this wouldn’t impact the fluidity of the interview. The magnet was in her door, as usual, and I entered her room without warning. “Let’s get this started,” she said, “ It’s going to take like five minutes, right?” This question would set the tone for most of the interview.
It started off as a usual Friday night with my friend, but this time it was different, and this time around I would leave her room with a different perspective. Although we had only known each other for about a year, she was one of my closest friends. A lot had happened within the span of the year. I had been present during her several unusual fainting spells. They occurred frequently, and although she knew it was abnormal, she was never pressed to see a physician about it. I was also aware of her asthma and allergies, and I was hoping that this interview would change her mind with regards to how she went about acknowledging her illnesses. I was sadly mistaken, but I did gain an understanding as to why she handled her illness in the way that she did.
When she said that she thought it would only take five minutes, I understood her statement to be that she was not taking the interview seriously. She was under the impression that because I was familiar with her conditions, that I knew her story, but not at all. That was only my perspective of it and hers might have been, and did turn out to be different.
The interview started off in a joking manner, as I expected. She was relaxed and comfo...

... middle of paper ... it clear that this was an important matter, maybe she would have taken it more seriously. This experience will definitely aid me as I move forward, because as a future physician, just because I am familiar with a case, does not necessarily signify that I can generalize what my patients will respond during interviews. In the future, I will enter interviews more open-minded and hold less anticipation as to what my interviewee’s responses will be. I also wished that I had paid more attention to body language and the tone of voice. I think that during this interview, although I knew that the priority was not so much on the responses, I still found myself focused on getting answers as opposed to really focusing on body language and tone of voice. Despite this, however, this process has made me a better listener because I was conscious of details rather than responses.

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