My First Degree From The University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee ( Uwm ) Essay

My First Degree From The University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee ( Uwm ) Essay

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My first degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is a Bachelor of Arts in dance. The pressure to be thin and extreme dieting habits of my classmates lead me want to learn more about nutrition. UWM offered a Nutrition Certificate, which I earned along with my dance degree. This helped me to realize my passion about managing and preventing metabolic diseases through lifestyle habits. However, influencing people to change their habits is difficult. People know they should eat a healthy diet and exercise, but don’t. How can I use psychology, counseling, and acceptance of meeting people where they are at, without judgement, to help improve their health status? There is also the malnutrition/ over nutrition paradox, which results in populations who have the fewest resources being the most at risk for metabolic diseases. Milwaukee, is a prime example of this. Also, from my athletic background, I want children and adolescences to feel confident in their bodies and in their eating choices, and have the least possible risk of developing an eating disorder.
Over the last several years, I have volunteered with local nonprofit organizations designed to aid disadvantaged communities in Milwaukee. I ran four nutrition education demonstrations for at-risk children and families at the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee. I provided the food and nutrition component for the Mothers with Young Children Group at Atonement Church in Milwaukee. I served meals to homeless and disadvantaged community members at The Gathering of Southeastern Wisconsin. I assisted community members check in and select food at the Hope House and Riverwest Food Pantry. I initiated, coordinated, and participated in several projects through UWM’s student-run organi...

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...ent topics in my life and in dietetics. I have had my share of experiences where this has backfired on me. Today, I am more realistic with how much time and energy I can dedicate to a project and have become more confident in declining when my plate is full.
I feel the best way to improve health outcomes for all is to provide equal resources to all; not just the people who can afford the resources or who have access to them. It also means that health educators need to help communities to learn the skills they need to take charge of their own health. In the field of nutrition, this means collaborating with communities to provide healthy and culturally appropriate recipes, cooking demonstrations, and classes on how to do so easily and affordably. Our messages on the importance of healthy eating and living must be practical, accessible, understandable, and affordable.

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