My First Day Was Nerve Wrecking Essay

My First Day Was Nerve Wrecking Essay

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Walking into my English class the first day was nerve-wrecking, I was unsure about what to anticipate and was about five-minutes late. Yet within the time span of walking into class and sitting down I realized that I had little to worry about. From day one to ten weeks later I was able to, not only develop a close group of friends, but also improve my writing skills and learn how to skillfully analyze text.
One thing to know about me is that I used to love reading, when I was younger I would read anywhere from one to six books at a time. Gradually, however, as I grew older reading moved to the back burner of my life. I cut out the time I spent reading books and replaced it with the digital aspects of life that control most young adults of today. With that being said, my loving of reading has slowly been restored but not without struggle. The first time I was asked to pick up the New York Times, I dreaded it. I had become so accustomed to reading digitally that when I opened the newspaper to read it took about 2 hours to finish the front page alone. My past self could finish a whole novel in 4 hours, and I could barely make it through the front page without frustration. As my Word 103 class drew on I forced myself to sit and analyze the texts in front of me, I became determined to read the physical paper without a challenge. Before I realized it I was picking up rhetorical elements and the deeper meaning of the passages that would have been lost to me had I read it online. By reading the newspaper I was able to not only see the world from others people perspectives with the Sunday Review, but also register the headlines on the front page with a new emotional depth that I once lacked. Reading the newspaper every Sunday no longer t...

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... truly has helped me to enhance my ability to analyze a text, enjoy reading, and improve both my reading and writing skills. Before this course I would have struggled to write a 1000-word paper, but being aware of my past mistakes and consciously picking which elements I wanted to form in my work has made it that much easier. I can now read the newspaper in my pastime and not view it as a chore, while simultaneously examining it for a deeper meaning. I can also write quicker, more effectively, and with greater confidence than before which I give class discussion and group review acknowledgement for. Overall I have become more careful and aware in both my writing and reading, even if it is just slightly. I hope I can further use my skills to not only improve and refine my writing skills but to also enjoy reading enough to be able to put down my phone and read again.

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