Essay about My First Day Of School Dress

Essay about My First Day Of School Dress

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My mother’s old car always made a loud screeching noise when we were on the highway. My best friend Katie and I sat in the backseat and giggled at the noise together. When we had arrived at the mall we were always so quick to jump out of the car, as we were always in a hurry to be off on our own. At fourteen years old we found it embarrassing to be seen with our parents.
“Be safe and keep your cellphones on! Call me if you need anything!” She yelled from the front seat.
“Mom, I know.” I rolled my eyes and closed the door.
Katie and I skipped into the mall. We each had thirty dollars and no parents for almost two hours. At that time we had thought that was the best day ever.
We looked around store after store. We were searching for the perfect first day of school dress. Katie and I had planned on matching that day, as we have every first day of school for the past six years.
“Do you like this one or this one better?” Katie asked while holding two different dresses on the hanger up to herself.
We had two different styles. She liked darker clothing and I always wanted something with a little more color in it. She thought the darker colors went better with her long black hair. I knew it was going to take a lot of time for us to both settle on one outfit together.
Finally we had both agreed on a blue flowy dress that had short cut sleeves. We were both small and boney girls but the dress in a way flattered us both. We paid for the dresses and were each left with two dollars which was just enough to get our favorite donuts with pink icing. While we were sitting on a bench eating Katie had insisted that we go into one more store. Even though we were left with no money I figured it wouldn’t hurt to browse around for a little b...

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...that never happened. She couldn’t even look at me. This was her chance to fix everything. Her very last chance, but she didn’t.
The car ride home my mother didn’t speak to me. The only thing breaking the silence between us was the loud screeching noise from her car. I knew that I had a lot of explaining to do but I had no idea how to even begin. Rather than caring about my mother’s feelings at the time I was more caught up on the hurt and betrayal I had felt from Katie. It was a painful feeling.
I never really talked to Katie much after that day. She never apologized or had admitted that she was the one who was guilty for stealing the bracelet. I guess sometimes the people that you think you can trust are the ones that are so quick to stab you in the back in order to save themselves. And this is something I had learned at age fourteen and still live by to this day.

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