My First Day Of School At James Foster Elementary School Essay

My First Day Of School At James Foster Elementary School Essay

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At age five I entered my first day of school at James Foster elementary school with all of my fears packed up in my backpack, my favorite white and pink dress on and pig tails in my hair I was ready to conquer my first day of kindergarten. This day was going to start the rest of my educational history. As I waited with my mom to get in our lines to go to class I got overwhelmed with emotions of fear and doubt and began to cry which is normal for a kindergartener to do on the first day, in the midst of that I made a friend named Kara, my best friend to this day all because we cried having the same fears and doubts walking in to our first day together. We then met our teacher Mrs. Spencer she was kind, friendly and spunky and one of the most influential teachers I will ever have. The classroom had 5 tables each with 6 people at a table, there were posters all over the walls, book shelves, stuffed animals along with the smell of Clorox and Crayola paint that overwhelmed the room.
As the school year progressed we made many fond memories every day. Mrs. Spencer had a little stuffed bumble bee, that each of us took home and we had to write about an important lesson that we had learned about and how we were going to contribute the lesson and what we learned in our daily lives such as Martin Luther King Day or Columbus Day are a few topis we used the bumble bee for. after every student in the class had gotten a turn to take him home and write about what they learned our teacher would bind our work in a book and she would display the book for us to see or at open house. A few more memories I have from her class begin on St. Patrick’s Day Mrs. spencer messed up the entire classroom, knocking down chairs, writing with green marker on ...

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...h these kids that will forever be in my heart and remind me that teaching is the best major choice for me. By taking this intro to teaching class I knew it would show me that I was either going to hate it or it was going to begin my lifelong passion to teach and make a difference. Working together with these kids has made my dreams become a reality and it makes me want to explore the world of education even more in different cultures, cities and states to really fulfill my teaching dream.
Concluding the choice of my major we have to remember why I chose it I reflect every day on my choices and actions and how I became the person I am today. Anyone who has doubt or a weird feeling about their life goals… change them it is scary but that is part of your plan. I would never have discovered this if it weren’t the great base to my education that I received.

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