My First Day Of Sacramento Essays

My First Day Of Sacramento Essays

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My first day in Sacramento was a cold, wet one. The sidewalks were scattered with vibrant leaves in all shades of yellow to red. The tree-lined streets were still dripping forming little puddles on my pathway. I was walking from the bus station to what I would call home for the next two weeks. I was young and craving adventure. I wanted to emerge in a town I’d never been to, see how others around the country were living and how it differed from my own way of life.
Heading to my hotel after dinner one evening, I heard the most ear-pleasing sound. It was as though I was transported to a different time. I closed my eyes and saw a scene from the Twenties with Jazz music playing throughout the streets and couples swing dancing into the early morning hours. The other hotel guest whom I had eaten dinner with informed me that the sound was a homeless man who played his saxophone in the same parking garage at the same time every night. The apartment that the garage was connected to would let him play during the evenings and hang around during other times. The next day I went to the spot tryi...

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