My First Day Of Fifth Grade Essay

My First Day Of Fifth Grade Essay

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It was my second day of fifth grade. After having a welcoming morning, the lunch bell finally rang, and it was time to go sit down at the lunch tables. This is definitely when most of the drama occurs, still in eight grade. Your friends get mad at you if you sit with someone else, and not them. This happens even if it is just for one day. I looked left to right, debating where to sit. Brooke was telling me to go sit with the popular girls, because we were friends with them. Even though many of the girls, were my best friends, I wanted to try something new. Isn’t that what middle school was for? Then I glanced over, and Emma was waving me over to her table. I’ve known Emma, since we were younger, as we used to live on the same block to the age of 10. I didn’t know whom to sit with. Brooke was edging me over, so I thought about it once more. I decided I was going to sit with Emma, while Brooke looked at me like I was crazy. That was the day I made up my mind, and realized to not be forced into something.
Popularity? Many people think that there is considered an “it” girl in their grade. Someone who people look up to. Someone who is a leader. Someone who has nice clothes. Someone who has a good personality EVERY single second. Someone who is an amazing friend. Someone who is better than EVERYONE else. But in reality, I don’t think anyone is defined as all of those.
Being popular seems like a good thing, but is it really? When I was younger, all I wanted to do was have many friends. But now I reflect, is that actually what I wanted? You have two different kinds of friends. First, you might have friends who will stand by you, and give you good advice, while at the same time just being a good friend. Second, you have friends who pre...

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...nd everything else in between that. People use other girls in order to get all of the information, and then decides to tell everyone. There is one girl in my grade, Isabel who’s seems to just know everything, and gets all the gossip. People wish they knew everything and were just like her, but I don’t. Why would I want to be involved in something that doesn’t even involve me?
Gossip is everywhere in middle school. In seventh grade, it really made everyone think differently about each other. People spread gossip to get attention because we all know girls, love to gossip. Last year, I might’ve said, “oh she is so annoying,” but I learned my lesson. Never talk about someone who is one of your friends, or just in general, anyone for that matter. Drama has definitely been one of the adverse parts of my life. But, I choose to be the bigger person and move past those times.

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