Essay about My First Day Of Algebra

Essay about My First Day Of Algebra

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After the twenty-year high school reunion Doug, Sally and Clint were all sitting at the local diner visiting their old friend Bob, who worked at the diner. The four of them were reminiscing over high school experiences.
Sally was talking about her favorite teacher Mrs. Stewart. “I remember the first day of Algebra. Walking in I saw Doug in his khakis, blue button up, orange bow tie, and loafers. He looked fairly intelligent so I decided to go and sit next to him. Then Mrs. Stewart smiled telling us to group up in groups of three.”
Clint started laughing, “Yeah, that was the day I pushed my way into your group. Sally, everyone in the room could tell that you liked Doug but he had his eyes set on Mary Lou. Mary Lou was a passing thing though she lasted all of a week before switching classes. Somehow the three of us stayed friends though.”
After a second of silence Doug walked over and grabbed the coffee pot to refresh everyone’s cups and brought up the senior prank. “Do you guys remember when we borrowed Mr. Smith’s cow? I think her name was Betsey and we put her in George’s dad’s horse trailer. Sally here was worried that Betsey would get lonely and she decided to read her a story.”
Sally interrupted Doug, “Oh wait, before you make me sound crazy I just wanted to make sure that she didn’t make too much noise. When I babysat the kids I always read the story ‘Good Night Moon’ and for Betsy it worked like a charm.”
Doug just laughed and continued on as Sally walked off somewhere. “Anyway, Sally read Betsy a story and then she started to become attached to her and wouldn’t let us take her inside. All she wanted to do was take her back home with her and have a new friend. Who knows how she would explain that to her mother. Any way we f...

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...wouldn’t talk to you for days. Then Sally here decided to take Clint’s truck for a midnight drive. The funniest part was when she then drove it into a mailbox. Finally Clint decided to go and to a back handspring with the cheerleaders at a game and broke his wrist. Each and every one of you made mistakes and made the most of your childhood and teenage years. Now you are all raising kids of your own and I just want to tell you that I am proud of all three of you. Just remember patience because kids are a handful.”
The three of them sat there for a few minutes in silence and then Bob smiled, “I will be right back, don’t go anywhere.” Bob turned on his heels to go to the kitchen only he made a mistake and turned a little bit before the door. Everyone then looked over at Bob in his candy cane striped hat in shock, as he didn’t walk through the door but through the wall.

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