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My First Concern For Globalization Essays

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Fort Branch is a small town in Southern Indiana. In 2013, there were 2,799 people who resided in this rural community, and I suspect that this number has only increased slightly in the last three years. There are many corn fields and a lot of hard working citizens, especially farmers, who love their community. I am the assistant to the mayor, and I have an expertise in language, communications and technology, and the increase of Americanization in regards to globalization. The mayor has asked me to read Globalization- A Reader for Writers by Maria Jerskey, and I chose five articles to discuss. Within those five articles, I have recognized four topics that should be considered when establishing guidelines for globalization in our community.
My first concern for globalization in our community is the loss of language for those who may not be originally from our town, Indiana, or the United States in general. Even though we have a very small population, we do have a good amount of people from different ethnic backgrounds. It is unreasonable to post banners, papers, and various things that hang up for the public in many different languages for all people; however, we should want to welcome diversity. “Language is central to our experience of being human, and the languages we speak profoundly shape the way we think, the way we see the world, the way we live our lives (Boroditsky). I think it is important for everyone to feel comfortable in our community and always feel welcome. They should be able to feel like they can stay true to their roots, but at the same time, truly feel like they belong in our small town.
At the end of the day, Fort Branch needs diversity within the small population we have. It looks as if globalization could c...

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...eather reports” (Bures). If one country is thriving, it will help the economies of others as well. The lines of communication are continuing to improve, and this will only lead to economic advances for our country and small town.
Globalization has proved to have both positive and negative outcomes. I believe that there are more negative than positive aspects, and there are four key topics to take into consideration when writing the requirements and guidelines for our community. We should prevent the loss of language and culture for those who are not originally from our country or small town, and with that, we should try to cut back on the amount of Americanization we convey. We should make the safety of our environment a priority and do our best to cut back on pollution. And finally, we should take advantage of the spread of technology and try to boost our economy.

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