My First College Experience At An Educational Institution Essay

My First College Experience At An Educational Institution Essay

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A mentor of mine once told me that learning is like stacking building blocks. The more blocks you have at the base, the stronger the structure and the greater opportunity for expansion. Each new block attaches to another forming connections, or in the case of learning, contextualizing subjects and concepts. In high school, unable to see relevance in my life, I neglected the humanities. In college I strengthened discovery and conviction in the world of art. Still unable to see context or connection, and following my former learning habits, I continued to neglect the subjects that help build knowledge and attach meaning to life. At the conclusion of my first college experience I gained overemphasis in one field of study, I did not fully understand the value education provides, and I did not meet graduation requirements. It was at an educational institution, where I spent the next 10 years of my professional life, where I learned how to learn. Through faculty development training I was introduced to adult learning theory and my learning style preferences and intelligences. Armed with a sharpened focus I sought after non-traditional and vocational outlets for professional development and practical skills training. Ultimately I pursued degree completion in general studies, the very subjects that hindered my early educational experiences, improving my general knowledge, reading, writing, research and analysis skills—strengthening my foundation.
Technology is changing the face of education. I witnessed significant transformation first-hand at the institution where I worked. At the start of the 21st century we photocopied instructional materials including bulky 5” instructor binders. We duplicated VHS videos in a side-by-side recording ...

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...n in order to increase the likelihood that learners will understand and absorb the content I develop. I want to become empowered to talk about my work with authority so I may lead others in the direction that will produce the best results. I need to acquire the skills to develop content faster and more efficiently. Lastly, I hope to develop a portfolio that is not proprietary so I may share it with prospective employers and clients expanding my employment potential. This is a especially exciting time for online learning. Science is challenging us to take a more scientific approach to the study of education while technology is encouraging us to invent new ways to teach. We are all still exploring how all of this works and how to make it effective. I want to broaden my thinking, challenge my methods and become an educated practitioner in this great change in education.

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