My First Clinical Day For A Nurse Essay

My First Clinical Day For A Nurse Essay

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This week’s clinical days was very impacted me personally. My first clinical day for this week was the anniversary day that my mother passed away seven years ago. I knew working in a hospital setting will reminded me greatly about my mother’s last stage of her life. I am very much closed to my mother; therefore, it hurts me tremendously thinking about the saddest time of my life spending in the hospital with my ill mother. But at the same time, I knew I have to put my personal feeling aside if I wanted to become a professional nurse. I started my first clinical day with sadness and hoping that I can make a difference in someone else’s life; after all, my mother’s illness journey is the reason that I wanted to become the best nurse I can be; I wanted to be the one that can help the patients and their loved one during their most difficult time.
My patient for this week was admitted to the hospital due to necrotizing pancreatitis. He is a very independent patient. He ambulates around the unit by himself; he took shower by himself. I don’t have much chance to care for him except to make sure his pain level is under control and his safety measures are met. After I conducted my shift change reassessment, my patient requested to be left alone to have his privacy and rest. While my patient was being left alone to rest, I went ahead and help out my nurse to care for another patient that has Alzheimer’s. She was not responding too much to her surroundings; all she wants to do was to close her eyes and sleep. While the NAP was feeding her breakfast in a chair, I went ahead and changed all her beddings. I saw her hospital gown was dirty after her feeding; I went ahead and change her gown as well. Then I clean her face with a cloth; that was...

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...reason I am so confident that I can be the professional nurse one day is because I remembered I read from our textbook, Fundamental of Nursing (2013) indicated that first I have to “learn to become a dependable and competent provider of patient care”. (p. 279). Then I should “learn to become a leader by consulting with instructors and nursing staff to obtain feedback in making good clinical decisions, learning from mistakes and seeking guidance, working closely with professional nurses, and trying to improve your performance during each patient interaction”. (p. 279). With this information, I can step toward my goal of becoming a professional nurse by learning knowledge from reading through textbooks and health care articles; learning to become a proficiency nurse by learning through all the health care professionals around me and through my patient care experiences.

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