Essay about My First Child Before I Will Be 29 Years Old

Essay about My First Child Before I Will Be 29 Years Old

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In 2020, I will be 29 years old. One goal I set for myself is to have my first child before I am 30. Therefore, I probably in my pregnancy or taking care of a infant. I talk about my personal life because it will has a huge impact of my career. I am a family person which means that mfamily goes the first. Especially after being the old child for my whole life, I am abdicate to children. I am sure that I will not be a housewife for the rest of my life, but I may do it for the first two years after my give birth of my child.
Pregnancy cannot be predicted, but career can be planned. My dream career is to the senior executive vice president of The Walt Disney Company’s marketing department of Asia Pacific Region. In 2020, I would have been graduate for four years. At that time, I want to be at least the manager of California Disneyland’s social digital marketing department. My major is marketing and minor minor’s management. I am more lain towards digital marketing because it can allowed me can work at office or home with flexible hours since most works are digital. As long as I am with a computer that can function my needs, I can get the works done wherever I want. In this case, it will be much easier for me to balance my work and life since I am able to work at home if I need to and plan my own schedule for work as long as I get all the works done before the deadline. I will be lead my team to help marketing department create marketing strategies to promote the Walt Disney Park and Resort. Our products will be park tickets, resort hotels, merchandise, food, and Disney Wedding. Disney Wedding is a segment within the Walt Disney Park and Resort to sell wedding package for couples to create a Disney themed wedding memory and ceremon...

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...n the same term with me had already became a lead in his or her department. The hard part will be move up from the lead to a manager. In Disneyland, to become a manager you need either join the company’s Emergency Leader Program, or you were the manager in other company with the similar position. For me, I have to join the Emergency Leader Program and it takes about 2-3 years. If everything on track, to become one of the managers of California Disneyland’s social digital marketing department will be possible. I have been talk about my plan to my family. My parents are very supportive like they always do. My boyfriend’s current full-time job’s company has another office in California. He said he do not mind to transfer to the California to stay close to me if I want go back to California Disneyland. I feel very passionate and motivated to get close to the me in 2020.

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