My First Cell Phone At Age 13 Essay

My First Cell Phone At Age 13 Essay

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My addiction started since the day I received my very first cell phone at age 13, I started my adventure with texting, however, and that was just the beginning of everything. By that time I have a Nokia N97, there wasn’t must of Internet and it was very expensive at time too. The phone came in handy with multimedia text message “SMS”; I started texting my friends instead of calling with the calling services. Every month T-Mobile Company will mail in the end of the statement, and it will listed my usage of thousands every single month.
I wont say I was addicted to my cell phone until the very I-Phone 4 came out, my phone to me wasn’t just for texting but it was for internet, apple application games, and chatting applications. And I was wasn’t long for me to follow to get the I-Phone 4S, I-Phone 5, I-Phone 5S and of course the breakable I-Phone 6! I never realized of my addition until my friend and family told me. After I realized the problem actually happening. According to CBS News, “We need to identify the activities that push cellphone use from being a helpful tool to one that undermines our well-being and that of others.”
Most people feel interrupted by the phone; some parents are really sensitive when their child attempts to plays with smartphone or texting at school and many times during class sessions. Not only it affect them academically but also affect their relationship with the parents. From the moment people wake up till the moment people sleep, people are afraid of being away from their phone. Many people feel “empty” without bring their phone; most people couldn’t go a single day without their phone. Regardless of their emotion, they will share everything on the Internet, text message via their phone.
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...ification when to let you know someone “liked” your picture pictures. It really changes the relationships between friend and family because you can always see and hear your phone. People tends to use the excuse of using their phone and an alarm clock, and tends to sleep with their phone at night, not only that it damaged people’s sleep pattern but also damaged people’s overall health. According to Consumer Affairs, “If you panic when you can 't find your phone, using it during social/family events, take it with your everywhere and wake up in the morning looking for it.” And many phone users, find that really applicable.
To answer the question whether if I were addicted to cell phone use, my answer would be, I am extremely addicted to cell phone use. However, after noticing all those details that cell phone can change a person’s life, it should really be aware of.

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