My First At The Chicago 's Pizza Team Essay

My First At The Chicago 's Pizza Team Essay

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Sweeping floors, washing counters, and rinsing dishes. As a high school student, these are the three things farthest from the mind on a Friday night. Some stay focused on getting a win at the basketball homecoming game; whereas, others quietly search for the secret parties to attend throughout the night. Even though labored work is not the ideal way to spend someone 's free time, it teaches teenagers the importance of responsibility, initiative, and independence.
When I was seventeen, I decided to apply for my first place of employment. I applied to several different locations; I applied to fast food stores and retail stores. I did lose hope, but eventually I received my first call about for an interview. My parents helped me with this new process. Waiting for someone to call was the most nerve racking and anxiety filled time of my life. Even though there was great stress, waiting for someone to call taught me the great virtue called patience. Once I finally got the opportunity to join the Chicago’s Pizza team, my patience was tested yet again. I developed more patience when customers called the store; even though, most had no idea what the menu was or what they desired to purchase (personal-experience). Being exposed to difficult people like this on almost a daily basis helped me learn how to be patient with complete strangers. If I did not make the decision to join the workforce at a young age, my intelligence in different skills would not be as developed as others.
Now imagine being a homeowner with your loved one. When your patience level is not very high it could make things difficult when dealing with arguments. This could also result in major disputes between everyone in the household (hypothetical example). ...

... middle of paper ...

...this young adult may come into contact with is having to balance school work and a job. They are forced to take the incitive to get their class work done during the school day or find another time to get the work completed. If they do not find the motivation, then they will quickly learn that they need to stay on top of their grades in order to not fail a class.
Going into the labor pool while in high school can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Not only do many people across the country choose to take the easy way out or continue with their sports, but also, they may lose out on some very important skills and work experience that many employers look for when hiring. When deciding between which option is best, remember that some very important skills are learnt in the workplace like being more independent, gaining more incentive, and learning more responsibility

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