Essay about My First Assignment For English Composition

Essay about My First Assignment For English Composition

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In my first assignment for English Composition I, my topic was procrastination (Markowitz, 2015). Part of me is still that chronic procrastinator I’ve always been, but I have come to understand that some of those delaying tactics were really the writing process. I realized that while I had been doing those things I had also been prewriting, writing or revising in my head.. If I came up with an idea or a solution to a problem I had written myself into, I’d go back to my desk and write. If I was at work, as I often was, I’d make a note in the notebook that has become my constant companion. My writing process isn’t merely sitting down with a pencil or keyboard; it is also a thought process. Much of the work gets done in my head so that when the time comes to sit down and physically write, revise or edit, the pages fill up quickly. Realizing that was all part of my own writing process turned out to be a turning point in the term.
I had never really thought about the actual mechanics of writing before this class. In high school—and later in college—it was just something that I could do fairly well, but never really paid attention to how I was doing it from start to finish. On the module 7 discussion board, I compared it to “throwing paint at a canvas instead of artfully applying it” (Markowitz, 2016c). Now I see the benefit of prewriting, writing, revising and editing before publishing my work. Recently, when negotiating a price with a new vendor, I found myself using the writing process without even thinking about it. I outlined what I wanted to include, drafted the email, asked for input on the content, fixed anything that needed to improve and gave it a read-through for grammar and spelling before clicking “send”. My work re...

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...e to the deadline to turn it in. I’ve also learned to stop relying on the grammar checker in MS Word. The strategies I’ve learned throughout English Composition I will enable me to continue to learn and retain different elements of more complex sentence structure and grammar.
Over the last two months, I’ve learned that procrastination can be inspirational. My writing has remained with me, no matter what I was doing. Just getting my thoughts down on paper, I’ve learned, isn’t enough for a finished product. A draft must be revised, edited and re-written if necessary before it can be published. In reading my assignments, I have noticed that my work has become more clear, concise and polished. I am confident that I can take the lessons from ENG-122 and use them successfully for the remainder of my academic career and beyond, but I still need those sharpened pencils.

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