Essay on My Final Stop Would Be The Pantheon

Essay on My Final Stop Would Be The Pantheon

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My final stop would be the Pantheon. The Pantheon, as well as many other renowned buildings in Italy, has made appearances in many American films. One example is Roman Holiday, a romantic comedy directed and produced by William Wyler and released in 1953. This film centers on a royal princess named Ann who, during a tour of Europe, escapes the confines of her sheltered life and goes off on her own to explore Rome, where she falls in love with an American newsman, Joe. In one of the scenes, after Joe runs into Ann eating gelato on the Spanish Steps, Ann and Joe go to the Rocca Cafe, where Ann drinks champagne, smokes a cigarette for the first time, and meets Irving Radovich, who is Joe’s colleague and photographer. The cafe, which is located right next to the Pantheon, overlooks this incredible Roman temple. The Pantheon, a temple dedicated to all of the Roman gods, is one of the most preserved buildings of ancient Rome. It is famous for its architecture, which consists of a series of intersecting arches. The Romans were known for their use of arches to help support the weight of their buildings. When Rembrandt Peale visited the Pantheon, he was extremely impressed by the architecture. He writes:
The proportions of the portico and dome—the grandeur and simplicity of the cornice and vault—and the beauty of the marbles and columns, within the vast circumference—are of such rare excellence that, in despite of spoil, decay, and dirt, they are contemplated with untiring admiration, and justify the taste which pronounce the Pantheon a model of perfection—the only entire specimen which is left to us of the magnificence of ancient Rome (Peale 113).

He expresses his strong admiration for the building and its simple yet grand architectu...

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...with such a friendly radiance, that you come at last to regard it simply as the graceful, indestructible soul of the place made visible. The Cathedral, externally, for all its solemn hugeness, strikes the same note of would-be reasoned elegance and cheer; it has conventional grandeur, of course, but a grandeur so frank and ingenuous even in its parti-pris. It has seen so much, and outlived so much, and served so many sad purposes, and yet remains in aspect so full of the fine Tuscan geniality, the feeling for life, one may almost say the feeling for amusement, that inspired it. Its vast many-coloured marble walls become at any rate, with this, the friendliest note of all Florence; there is an unfailing charm in walking past them while they lift their great acres of geometrical mosaic higher in the air than you have time or other occasion to look (James 382).

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