My Feelings On Various Works of Art Essay example

My Feelings On Various Works of Art Essay example

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I would define art as transferring creativity and imagination into tangible
manifestations, whether it is music, paintings, sculptures, drawings, portraits, or
dance. Art comes in many colors, themes, sizes, styles, and forms. Much of this, I
think, is due to the individual artist’s social interaction, ethnic and cultural
background, and social status. This could’ve held true for the past as well, but in
today’s world, the amount of time exposed to informational media
(television/radio news, computers with internet access) have to be added to the list
of influences. I believe that all these can have an influence or impact on how a
contemporary artist of today may express him/her self.
The great masters of art from the past stood out from the rest because of a
smaller world population and lack of televisions, telephones, and other electronic
devices that would have been tremendous distractions. They had all or most of
their time available to focus on being creative, much unlike today’s fast-paced
society. With so many billions of people in the world today, as compared to the
population centuries ago, the chances of finding people with good or even great
artistic ability may be very high.

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A work of art is something that is created from imagination and deep
thought, and usually serves more of an aesthetic purpose than a practical one.
It can be a beautiful and elegant painting, sculpture or drawing that effortlessly
attracts attention to itself; on the other hand, some art can be made from trash or
junk materials such as homes constructed with cans, beer or plastic bottles, or
other discarded objects/materials.
In Argentina, Tito Ingenieri, a 57-year-old man spe...

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...ey see in the piece. I think that artists like Picasso, Marc
Chagall, Piet Mondrian, and Paul Klee, for example (who represent modern art),
display a child-like style (as if a child could have painted them). In my opinion,
art and architecture were most impressive between the Greek and Classical
periods. Many of the artists between these periods possessed great patience and
genius. Their artwork was awe inspiring (especially the architecture).

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