My Favorite Vacation to the Last Frontier, Fairbanks, Alaska Essay

My Favorite Vacation to the Last Frontier, Fairbanks, Alaska Essay

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As a child, vacations were few and far between. Having three other siblings and a single parent, trips rarely fit into the budget. As I got older, military service and my professional career allowed me to travel to a variety of places. I have been to the east and west coasts, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, United Kingdom, Germany, and many places in between. However, my most memorable trip was to Fairbanks, Alaska to visit my oldest brother Keith. While I was there the sun shined for approximately twenty hours a day, the mosquitos were unlike anything I had ever experienced, and we went fishing on the Yukon River.
During the summer months in Alaska, the sun shines for about 20 hours a day. All the daylight was nice, but could cause problems as well. We could stay outside as long as we wanted. We did not have to worry about running out of daylight and could play all day and into the evening hours. Imagine the best of summer experiences not being limited by sunset. That is the good experience of an Alaskan summer. On the other hand, all that summer sun made it difficult when trying to ...

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