My Favorite Part Of The Job Essay

My Favorite Part Of The Job Essay

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- What was your most recent customer support, account management or client relations position and what was your favorite part of the job? What was your least favorite piece?

For the past 4 years, I was an Account Executive at Banorte Bank where I managed customer accounts ranging from small checking accounts to large business payroll deployments. I educated clients on the different product offerings and trained them on how to use our ebanking system while providing technical support throughout the entire on-boarding process.

My favorite part of the job was creating a long lasting relationship with customers. It is rewarding to know that our customers trust us, and as a result, they remained loyal to our company. Sometimes, I’ll have customers who would visit my office just to say “Hi” to the team because they valued our friendship.

My least favorite part of the job was delivering a customer’s feedback to the team about a product improvement with the product, and not really knowing whether we will be able to find a solution in time for the customer.

- Define great support: What is an example of a great customer service experience you personally had?

The definition of great customer support is the ability to anticipate and find a solution for a customer problem, then establishing a step-by-step system to delivering the solution with a happy can-do attitude.

My experience with Delta Airline is a good example of what great customer support looks like. When I was taking a connecting flight back home, I had to check in my luggage again, but there was a long line ahead of me, and I didn’t have much time before they closed the boarding gate. One of Delta’s representative noticed I was in a hurry and through all the people ...

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... to work in startup environment and become immersed with the new online banking platform. In other words, I want to further my growth within the finance industry but stay current with the innovated banking technology, and I believe this position at Chime will help me get me there.

Chime will help me get there by allowing me to learn from senior management in a start up environment, having a close interaction with the customers we help to achieve their financials goals and knowing that my contributions will have more impact within the team.

As soon as I learn about the services Chime offers, I knew I wanted to be part of it! With six years of banking experience, I am able to connect with customers and with Chime’s innovated banking platform, a simple yet not so easy to achieved idea of savings and managing your financial habits in an easier and cost-effective way.

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