Essay about My Favorite Part Of Elementary School

Essay about My Favorite Part Of Elementary School

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My favorite part of elementary school was art class – I don’t know about you, but creating coil pots with faces on them, finger painting, gluing sparkles to a page, stringing beads onto a necklace, playing the recorder, and singing along to songs were some of my favorite activities (besides recess of course). Art was even included in science, English, and math to some degree, whether it be to create models of atoms, creatively piece together words, or simply use images to count apples or basketballs. Creativity was ingrained in me as a child and I couldn’t imagine school without it. Could you imagine elementary school without art or music class? Middle or high school without choir, art, or theater? I was fortunate enough to soak up many of those experiences as a kid, but with a greater need for budget cuts, relocation of funds, and more emphasis on science or math, many children receive little to no art education at all. Most people see visual or performing arts as simply an extracurricular activity that holds little to no value in comparison to core subjects, however, studies show that art education has social, emotional, behavioral, and academic benefits for children. The arts are essential for a well-rounded life and education, and help shape how we approach the world.
Multiple studies provide evidence supporting the idea that art education is not only experientially valuable, but also valuable to a child’s emotional state and behavior. Participation in the arts leads to higher levels of self-esteem and a better sense of self, as well as promote enthusiasm and engagement. As far as school environments go, a 2010 study conducted in Missouri concluded that in school districts with more students taking art classes, behavioral out...

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... overwhelming evidence supporting the wide variety of benefits of art participation, the idea that it’s only valuable for a specific career path is not valid. Skills fostered by art classes are needed in everyday life. In an article compiled by Bob Bryant, it is stated that “students need to be thinkers, possess people skills, be problem-solvers, demonstrate creativity, and work as a member of a team. We need to offer more in-depth learning about the things that matter the most: order, integrity, thinking skills, a sense of wonder, truth, flexibility, fairness, dignity, contribution, justice, creativity and cooperation. The arts provide all of these” (The Importance of Fine Arts Education). Experiences with different people, different ways of thinking, and alternative ways of seeing the world are part of what makes the arts so magical and valuable to us as humans.

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