My Favorite Movie: Fat Choi Spirit Essay

My Favorite Movie: Fat Choi Spirit Essay

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Nowadays there is a lot of pressure in everyday life. People use different ways to relax themselves. One of the best ways is watching a good film, no matter in the cinema or at home!

I like watching films when I feel tired or bored and my favourite types of film are comedy and action. There are a lot of funny scenes in comedy. It makes me laugh and forget that I’m unhappy. Action film is exciting. The stirring stunts attract all my attention and make me feel like on the edge of my seat. But I don't like science fiction films, because there are so many fantasies in the film that I am not interested ! I also don't like horror movies. Ghosts, blood, broken legs and hands are so frightening and disgusting! Every time I see a horror movie I can't go to the washroom alone because I think there might be a ghost in it!

As I say watching my favourite type of film makes me feel relaxed. There are several films that make me delighted and relaxed no matter how many times I watch them. One of my most favourite films is a comedy called "Fat Choi Spirit".

This film was directed by famous H...

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