My Favorite Football Team Play Essay

My Favorite Football Team Play Essay

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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, with a wave of yellow and green colored shirts worn by crazy, determined fans that filled the entrance and the rest of the lobby with their sweaty bodies and hard headed ego’s. The smell of hot, barbequed wings, and crispy French fries filled the air. With the restaurant being located right in the heart of town, it makes it an easy convenience for Oregon Duck fans, or any other sports fan, to come enjoy a fairly priced, enjoyable meal, while getting to watch their favorite football team play.
With Mac’s Bar and Grill in the location that it is in, it provides a place for options of lunch and a group themed event dinner. Their hours being 11a.m. to 11p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11a.m to 2a.m Friday through Saturday, it allows for every sports fan to enjoy their meal and a game all day long. Mac’s presentation on the inside is well appointed with their open lobby for families by giving you the option to sit wherever you please and a bar in the back strictly for the die-hard, over age fanatics. The place is very clean and organized. The carpet almost looks like you would be able to eat off of it if you were given the chance because that’s how clean it is. With that in mind, the open tables were also spotless and ready for service.
As their menu is filled with easy-to-eat comfort food, it allowed customers to enjoy their appetizer or entrée of choice. Ranging in food anywhere from nachos, to wings, to burgers, to salads, to sandwiches, to wraps, you have the choice to pick any of those options for a reasonable price. The lowest priced food being the chips and salsa appetizer, which is a little over 4 dollars, and the highest priced food being their delicious wings being a little over 12 dolla...

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...our food and drinks. The average price per person was about 13 dollars. This may seem a little pricey for some people, but for the extravagant food and excellent service it was well worth every penny. For getting every sauce we asked for and multiple refills on our beverages, we left our waitress a decent tip. Being on a college budget, I may not be able to afford this all the time, but it’s definitely a place I will go back to when I can.
In all, I highly recommend this sports-fan filled, friendly, easy going restaurant. The service is wonderful and the food is even better. If I was to rate this Bar and Grill, I would give it a 5 out of 5. My family and I all agree that we would recommend this to a friend and anyone else who enjoys this kind of atmosphere and type of food. Mac’s stands out with all its wonderful varieties of foods giving it plenty of reasons to go.

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