My Favorite Cuisine : Cathy S. Truett Essay

My Favorite Cuisine : Cathy S. Truett Essay

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My favorite cuisine
Cathy S. Truett once said, “Food is essential to life, therefore make it good.” Eating is one of our daily activities, we don’t think about it but when you are eating good life is good. There are hundreds of different cuisines in the world today. I have tried some, like Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. However, my favorite is hands down African cuisine, especially Congolese cuisine that my mom majored in cooking. I love Congolese cuisines because I grew up eating it, it doesn’t require too many ingredients, and it has a true naturally delicious test.
I grew up eating rice and beans, and potatoes cooked with tomatoes. These meals might sound simple and similar to meals served by some restaurants, however the way my mom cook them is not comparable to anything I have eaten in my seven years in the United states or anywhere else. I don’t get to eat these meals as often as I did in Africa and I truly miss it. Back in Africa I didn’t appreciate the food and the way my mom and my sisters cook it, but now I do more than just appreciate it, I enjoy it way more than I did b...

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