Essay about My Father Was Not A Bad Person

Essay about My Father Was Not A Bad Person

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My mom opened the wrecked door and took my sister and me with her. While, we were walking out the door, I thought this was the usual. I assumed that they were just fighting, and once my mom calms down, we will go back. However, I was wrong. It was not the usual. We were not going to return. I saw the fear in my dad’s eyes. When I looked outside, I saw my neighbors in astonishment. They knew this was going to happen one day. I felt like I was getting robbed of something, but who knew that I was getting robbed of the last moments I had left with my father.
My parents were married for eight years. It was a marriage based on unbalanced compromises. Although, my father was not a bad person, he tortured my mom mentally and physically. I do not consider him bad, because he was mentally ill. However, my mom had enough. My mom did not break off her marriage earlier, because she did not have the courage to fight. She was alone and did not have anyone to turn to, but things changed when my sister and I were born. She did not want us to face all the hurdles she once faced. She stood up and said, “Stop! I have had enough”. She broke off her marriage and brought us into America, leaving one of the most beautiful countries Panama, behind. I left the country, to know six-months later that my dad died in an accident. Now years have passed by, but that night has been locked in my heart forever.
Years, later from that incident, came a night when my older sister, questioned my mom. Regardless, of what my father did, I still loved him. I felt some type of anger towards my mother for leaving him. I did not understand why she left him. I was naïve. Then that night she told us the whole story. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to my room. I f...

... middle of paper ... He stood up for himself, and left Chicago. Sometimes you have to leave everything behind, to be able to move forward.

Turning Table is a song that would encourage you to fight for yourself. The tone, melody, and harmony attracts you to the lyrics. Sometimes we need the motivation to let someone go. Whenever I listen to this song, it reminds me of my mother’s bravery. She had nothing when she left Panama, but her choice to move and say no to violence, gave a bright future to me and my sister. We came into America empty handed, with a couple hundred dollars. How long was that going to last? It didn’t even last a month. However, when my mom left that hellhole, she took the decision of never being stumped on. She worked day and night to give us what we deserve. Leaving someone you loved once, is the hardest thing in the world, but sometimes it is for the best.

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