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My Father Was A Hero Essays

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“Wow, so your dad is like, a hero isn’t he? That’s so cool!” I paused for a moment. My dad was a hero? “Yeah, I guess so”, I responded. In those few phrases, my perception of my father was completely changed forever. He didn’t stop being my dad at that point, he never will. But in that moment, he suddenly became almost larger than life.
My childhood was rather unexciting, and dare I say, normal. My parents were married, I was an only child, we had a pet cat and went to church on Sundays. During the weekdays I went to school, went to dance classes after and at night I came home to finish up my homework and eat dinner. My mother worked full time as did my father so my grandparents helped out frequently with my afterschool care and transportation. I was kept fed and happy, free to go about my life as a 3rd grader and all the elementary school dramas that came with it. My life didn’t seem that different from anyone else’s, and my parents did a good job of keeping it that way.
What made my family different was that my father was a full time firefighter, and as such he worked 48-hour shi...

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