My Father Spent His Early Life Running Essay

My Father Spent His Early Life Running Essay

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My father spent his early life running. Running from the terror in Mexico to the United States. Running from the gang and violence-infested communities in southeast Los Angeles to Houston. With each start he was not only running away from something, but towards something: towards a safer future for his family. In his eyes, the desired future was not attainable in such areas where conflict was prevalent. The only viable option was not to wait for the tensions to subside but to take matters into his own hands and search for the harmony that he never experienced. Growing up, I noted how these experiences influenced my father’s values in the way that he tried to raise his family. While these accounts did not directly affect me as much as they did him, I was still able to see how the choices made by my father helped to shape my desire to work to promote environments free of conflict. By exposing myself to a variety of topics within the realm of the relationship between conflict and peace, I hope to gain a further understanding of how societal conflicts can emerge and how they can later grow into more powerful forces that can affect large regions.
Through the work that I plan to complete though the program, I hope to explore a variety of issues that put a strain on peace within communities outside of my own. My main interest in the topic is that despite being in different locations, many nations and societies face similar aspects of conflict within themselves. I would like to further explore the relations among the nations in east and southeast Asia. How violence becomes present and how these leaders or even citizens approach these matters is critical in understanding what the proper action for resolution is. As countries, such as Chi...

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...rstanding of how to act as a third party in settling disputes among individuals and institutions. Not only will I be learning how to act as a mediator, I will also gain experience in acting as one. This experience will act as a preview to what I hope to accomplish in the future.
Upon completion of the program I hope to be able to see the world from a different perspective. I find that it is easy to shut out the rest of the world and ignore the issues that are not directly affecting my way of life. By understanding how and why conflict emerges, where it stems from, and how to aid in lowering its presence, I hope to be able to work to promote peace in nations facing volatile atmosphere. This BDP program will give me a preview to the work that lies ahead as I work towards promoting a more peaceful environment where people will not have to flee their homes to feel safe.

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