Essay about My Father 's Parental Style

Essay about My Father 's Parental Style

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Antonio knows that not finishing school was a large barrier for him thus he does not want his children to suffer the way he did by having numerous, low paying jobs he disliked. Isabella believed that her father’s reason for his parental style was, “because that was how he was raised and he wanted me to follow in his positive footsteps.” However, Isabella points out that she feels like her father’s parenting style gets in the way of her goals when he attempts to imply his cultural believes. Isabella explains, “My dad would not allow me to take extra classes after school or join sports, so when it came time to apply to colleges I was unable to stand out in my application.” She explains it is because of Antonio’s lack of schooling which prohibits him from understand what has to be done prior to applying to college. In addition to his cultural believes that women are destined to be housewife.
When Isabella tried explaining to Antonio why she was interested in extra curricular activities he either complain that he was too tired to listen or would just start arguing with her emphasizing...

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