My Father 's Life Story Essay

My Father 's Life Story Essay

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One day night, it was a family time. So, all of my family were sat in the living room after dinner. On that night, my father told us about his life story. He told us about his childhood, his teenage life, how he met my mother and how they got married. All of my brothers and sister, we all sat next to my father and listen to him without a word. My father life story taught me a lot of lesson in my life. Also, he made me thankful about how my life now to compare with my father life. This is how my father life was began.
My father was born in a small village call Lok Lung in the ethic of Myanmar Chin State on September 20, 1962. He is the eldest son with five sisters and three brothers. He said that, when he was born, his father made a big celebration because he really wanted a boy for his first child. My father was very smart in his elementary school. Because his achievement, his teacher allowed him to skip third grade. During the summer break, his parents were divorced, so he and his brothers and sister had to live with his father. In Chin traditional, if parents were divorce, the children have to live with their father until they turn age of eighteen because the mother has no right to take care the children.
After eight months, his father remarried another village woman; he moved to Van Mual Village with his father. When the school reopened, my father attended fourth grade in Van Mual. He had only one T- shirt, one pair shoe, and pair slacks because his stepmother never bought clothes for him. His stepmother was so wicked. She always beat him, and she would leave him without foods. His father knew nothing because he never had a chance to tell him. Even if he had he would not care. Not able to accept his brothers and sisters cry...

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...ather regret and sad in his life was, he did not have education. He knows that the value of an education will determine in his future life. Because of his parents were divorce, he could not accomplished he dream. Also, being the oldest, he has a lot of responsible for his brothers and sisters. Now in his life, lack of education, he could read and write. So, he always encouraged his children to go to school because he know how important education is. He also told that, if you want to be successful, you have to go to school and have education. As a result, I admire my father a lot because he has a huge impact on how I am today. the most valuable lesson my father gave me was, there is nothing you cannot do, unless you choose not to. Surrender your goals and your life onto God. Always pray before whatever you do; then you will be successful because God never leaves you.

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