My Father 's Life And Life

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Imagine where magic is real and death is an option, where the danger comes in any form. I don 't I have to imagine that because I met a man who faced them. this man is my father. For this interview, my father was a type a guy who doesn 't say much. He wakes up, goes to work, come home eat then sleep. The process he does this for every day. I always wanted to know about my father, his origins, back story, and his wisdom. I asked my father if I can interview him. He said yes, then we both headed to a small coffee shop. From there I started off asking him standard questions about his childhood. Then after the interview, I was all in shocked as saw my life in a different aspect. My father 's life is full of magic, death, and gang father faced many difficulties in his life to make the man he is today. With all these aspects in his life made him the man I see him as today. My father, Adan Blanco Ayon was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He started off his story by talking about his childhood in Mexico. he was the fourth child of seven children. When he was six, his father left him and his family, putting my father the man of the house at a young age. When he was seven, he was forced to live with his grandparents with two of his brothers, while his mother left to the United States to work for a company, she was hoping to make enough money to bring her children to the U.S. He continued his story of his childhood while he sips his coffee. When I asked him if anything happens in his childhood that will change his life. He puts his coffee on the table on the table and look on the side of his shoulder, giving me the feeling he doesn 't want to talk about it, but I pressure him to answer the question. He looks at me, take... ... middle of paper ... ...n. He told me that the was the happiest day like most parents tell their children. It was until I was eight years old, that my family moved back to California. When I was a kid my parents didn 't tell me why were moving back to California, it was until now that my father told me that someone was trying to kill him. He told me that someone planted a bomb on his 1942 Hornet Hudson. I asked him if he ever found out who was the person was. He take a sip of his coffee and looks up and says yeah he knows who it was. Then I follow up my question what happen to the guy. He told me that he died in a car accident. I told if he is dead then why not moved back to Iowa. He looked at me and said, "that was my piece of heaven not yours, now go out there and find your own". From there we ended our interview got up off the table headed to our cars say bye to each other and drove off.

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