My Father : Roberto Ricardo Moreno Essay

My Father : Roberto Ricardo Moreno Essay

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We never take into account just how much our fathers do and sacrifice for us. They are not perfect men, and there is no wrong in that, because no one is truly perfect. My father, Roberto Ricardo Moreno, is a man of both good and bad, and in spite of his imperfections, he has taught me that through hard work you can overcome any obstacle and that education is key. As I’ve grown older, my views of my father have changed sometimes for the better and some for the worst, but I now understand that everything he did over the years was to prepare me for the world, and I wholeheartedly thank him.
My father was born in southern Laredo, Texas, as the last of eight children. His father, a military veteran, and his mother, a migrant worker, both of which were not perfect parents, instilled the value and appreciation of hard work. The household was one of many short comings, and unfortunately money was all but in abundance, but, however, he was a "barrio kid", who enjoyed the simpler things in life, and no amount of financial strife was going to keep him from being the charming humorous young man he was. He made so many friends over the years that there is quite literally no place in town that he can go without seeing at least one. From a young age, he understood the value of money, and he never fails to remind me that “if you want something, you need to work for it.” And at the age of twenty-five, he became a father to my older sister and began working hard at an auto shop to bring home a slightly better income. It wasn 't easy for my parents to find a place to live, and it would take multiple moves before their permanent home would make it into their lives. I was not born yet at the time, but horrid stories of the different homes the...

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...o. No te pones como yo." “Don 't be like me”. For years, he has expressed the importance of my continued education, and I am so thankful I have a father who cares whether I am "busting my back".
My father is a man of many faults, and he, to this day, is not a perfect parent. He is short fused, obnoxiously stubborn, and impatient, but his penitence is real. I know that he is not always going to do things that I would agree with, but I know that whatever he does, he does out of love for my siblings and I. He, alike most fathers, does his best to mentor his children to prepare them for the near future. I truly appreciate everything he has done for me, and I am “lucky” he is a “father “who” knows he has children, and I regret never thanking him over the years (qtd. in Murphy). My greatest hope, above all, is to make him proud in my endeavor for higher education.

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