My Father Of The Vermont Air National Guard Essays

My Father Of The Vermont Air National Guard Essays

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Since 2001, more than 2 million American children have had a parent deployed at least once; according to one study. For as long as I can remember, my father, Robert, was a member of the Vermont Air National Guard; other than my father,my extended family was also heavily prevalent in the military as well; both of my father’s elder brothers were members of the marines and army, and my grandmother 's brother died fighting in Vietnam. Deployment wasn’t an easy occurrence for any single person in my family, and it showed in the form of anxiety, and even depression. My uncle was part of the Army, and he was deployed a fair amount as well, so, my cousins knew the hardships. However, since our father’s were part of the military, we were presented with opportunities such as attending summer camps for military kids. The purpose of these camps are to provide children with an outlet who are dealing with deployment, have in the past, or are going to in the future. One of the camps I attended was named Operation Purple Camp, who also conducted a study that I have included in this essay. At said camps, I met many children who were just like me; they had the same thoughts and questions about the military and more specifically, deployment. Some felt abandoned, others felt confused, and lots simply didn’t know what to think; however, one thing we all seemed to have in common though was our maturity levels. My father was deployed twice, once when I was seven to Iraq, then two years later to Cuba; he missed my brothers birth. It was just me, my mother, my younger brother, and eventually the newborn baby. During this time, I felt emotionally confused, hurt, angry, etc. I had many new responsibilities that I didn’t have before, and this made me mature...

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...loyments have many negative emotions and stigmas associated with them, there are opportunities for the a child experiencing one to grow and learn from the experience. This growth is highly dependant on the child himself, and the institutions around them. The best way to encourage positive development is if institutions, such as schools, are proactive in dealing with issues that may impact the child. For example, school counselors could educate themselves about the little known topic of the effects deployment has on military kids, and then in turn could understand the children that may be degressing as a result of the deployment. Or, set up programs that link military children together; one who is maturing as a result, and one who needs a little extra guidance. As long as the child has a proper head on their shoulders, and a strong support system, they will flourish.

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