Essay about My Father Is Gone Fishing

Essay about My Father Is Gone Fishing

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I’ve been here for less than ten minutes and already I feel exhausted. Like every Sunday morning, my dad, mom, my younger sister Kasey and I climb into our old, black Chevy energized from breakfast to make the trek up to Appleton. While there, we visit with my grandma. When standing, her curly, white hair just skims the tops of my shoulders. Today, she is neatly dressed in her usual pastel sweater and her painted nails. Despite the fact that we love her unconditionally, and as terrible as it is to say, it is mentally and emotionally exhausting to visit her lately.
“Now which one are you?” My grandma curiously inquires while motioning towards me.
“This is your granddaughter, Karley,” my dad reminds her. “How was breakfast mom?”
“Breakfast was fine,” she quietly replies. “Father is gone fishing.”
When my grandma refers to “father” she means my grandpa, that’s what she always calls him. These visits wouldn’t be quite as exhausting if my grandpa was really just fishing.
My grandma raised four faithful, kind, hard-working children. She dealt with and defeated breast cancer. For sixty plus years, my grandma and grandpa stayed lovingly married to each other. She attended church every Sunday and offered her endless support to all in need of it, especially her family. About a year ago, my grandma could be found relaxing in the Appleton Retirement Community completing puzzles, chatting with friends and watching Wheel of Fortune. Yes, my grandma was aging as human nature requires. However, she was in relatively good health despite the fact that she enjoyed a few more McDonald’s milkshakes than a doctor would recommend. Unexpectedly, my grandma suffered a minor stroke. When we all visited her after this first stroke, she was still in good...

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...etting old. My dad would even kid around with her saying it was my birthday when it wasn’t just to keep her on her toes or something of that sort. She used to know when he was teasing her, and now she hasn’t the slightest idea unless it’s a good day. Perhaps even sadder than her seeing my deceased grandpa, is the fact that sometimes she knows she’s losing her mind. On really bad days, she asks us why she’s still here living like she is. As her granddaughter, the situation is tough enough; however, I can’t imagine how bizarre and painful it is for my dad and his siblings to watch my grandma’s mind manipulate betray her. Dementia is cruel, and hard to understand. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone. On the bright side, loving someone with dementia has taught me a valuable lesson. Always do everything you can to be there for those you love, even if it’s just fishing.

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